Customer Testimonials

Lori M. Fillerup
Katella Mobile Park
Stanton, Ca

"Since we have been jetting with SuperJet on a preventative basis, this is the first time in 11 years that we haven't backed up with the rainy season."

Senor Campos
Senor Campos Restaurant
Whittier, Ca

"We use to have to cable our kitchen mainline on a regular basis because of the grease blockages, about every 3 or 4 months. Now we Hydro jet with SuperJet every 6 months and we haven't had any problems or surprises."

Kerry McGrauth
Brookside Apartments
La Palma, Ca

"We usually would have backups 3 times a month, every month. The last two years since you've been jetting our mains, we've had one backup in two years. It's worked out great for me. Not having to clean up anything, not having the health department called, night calls cut way down. That saved me a lot of money in the end, especially on overtime. Getting that grease out of the pipe helps a lot, big difference. The way we have it set up quarterly for us, it's perfect."

Alisia Gomez
Puerto Nuevo Restaurant
Murrieta, Ca

"I call you at the last minute on very short notice and you're able to accommodate me. That is a big issue for us with a restaurant. You definitely know your business. You get to it right away and start solving the problem, very professional and knowledgeable. I have been happy with your service and it lasts a good long time. We went almost two years before we required another maintenance."